Cryptocurrency Social Platforms are on the Rise: 3 Solutions to Try Right Now

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Cryptocurrency Social Platforms are on the Rise: 3 Solutions to Try Right Now
Despite their potential, blockchain and cryptography have yet to have a significant impact on social media.

There has been a rise in the popularity of social media platforms that focus on cryptocurrencies during the past several months. A market of roughly USD 950 billion by 2026 presents an opportunity for them to challenge the dominance of digital giants like Facebook and Google.

Here’s a list of three top-notch crypto social networks that you may use right away to interact with fellow blockchain entrepreneurs.

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Let’s have a look:

  1. Hive
Source: The coin republic

A large and active community of cryptocurrency users

An ever-expanding dApp ecosystem

Coins can be earned for providing high-quality content and engaging with your followers.

The world’s fastest and most secure blockchain
Fork a project.

Users who are new to cryptography may be put off by the intricacy of the ecosystem.

Steemit’s acquisition by Tron led to Hive, a community fork of the popular blogging and social media website, becoming a popular social network in the cryptocurrency field.

A rapidly expanding ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and approximately 700,000 monthly active users have made Hive a top crypto social networking site since its introduction in February 2020.

The Hive Dollar (HBD) stablecoin, which drives the ecosystem alongside the HIVE token, serves as the platform’s fundamental solution for rewarding users for engaging and posting high-quality content.

An active and engaged community has helped the project expand from a crypto blog network to an entire social ecosystem built on top of a high-speed, scalable, and robust blockchain.

2. BitClout

Source: The crypto times

Pros of BitClout:
A growing community

An interface based on Twitter’s design and functions.

Receive content suggestions and create one’s own coin with this feature.

Decentralized social networks and dApps can be hosted on this blockchain-based platform

Short market history

Additional crypto-related functions are not far apart from Twitter’s fundamental capabilities.

A decentralized version of Twitter, BitClout was established in March 2021, and it uses the same look and functionalities as Twitter, but without a centralized authority controlling it.

BitClout, a decentralized social network,and dApp platform, had roughly 300,000 users on its platform in late June, which is a good performance given its relatively short history in the market.

Additionally, BitClout has a unique feature that allows producers to create their own tokens, which can be purchased and sold on the social network via the fundamental functions of Twitter.

DeSo’s native token DESO can be purchased by BitClout supporters to own a piece of BitClout’s value.

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3. Blockster



Rapid growth

Connect with more than 500K crypto enthusiasts and 200+ businesses on a single platform.

Native token with deflationary benefits

It’s now in an early access phase, with a public release date of Q1 2022 predicted.

In July 2021, Blockster’s testnet became live, and since then, the company has developed tremendously. Before its public introduction in Q1 2022, the project had more than 500,000 people on its waitlist.

If you’re looking for information about digital assets, Blockster claims to be the place to go to get it all. At the same time, as Blockster will be open to the public soon, users can sign up to join their communities and connect and interact with other blockchain hustlers.

On Blockster, you’ll find everything you need to stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies: fresh news and opinion pieces, informative articles on how to make money with cryptocurrencies, and regular video content.

Additionally, you can monitor your portfolio in real-time via the Blockwatch aggregator, connect with the project’s team, read high-quality content from more than 150+ industry writers and thought leaders on Blockdesk, follow and interact with your favorite blockchain businesses, and much more.

Moreover, Blockster Ads, a self-serve advertising platform for crypto projects, allows them to bypass the blanket restrictions of traditional social media networks and target high-quality audiences.

Once completely integrated into the platform, all transactions will use Blockster’s native BXR token, which will eventually be the primary means of payment (e.g., user-to-user transfers, marketplace orders, and advertising payments).

BXR has a maximum quantity of 100 million coins, but the project burns 5% of BXR spent for advertising to help the cryptocurrency rise in value over time. At the same time, Blockster shares 20% of its advertising revenue with BXR stakeholder.



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